Anastasis Concert

From darkness to light

Anastasis in Greek means resurrection. The resurrection of Lord Jesus is considered the corner stone of the Christian faith. It was the main reason for most people, irrespective of their background, to accept Christianity in the first century, and remains today carrying the same power of attraction. Such power worked in a miraculous way in bringing people from different nations, tribes and tongues, to become one in the body of Jesus Christ.

Mirroring such simple ethos of early Christianity, the Greek and the Coptic Choirs in the UK and Europe decided to resurrect the same old voices heard in the streets of Alexandria 2000 years ago and celebrate the Anastasis 2016 together in London. The two choirs will jointly present the events that happened between the sixth hour of Crucifixion of Jesus, on Good Friday, and His resurrection early Sunday morning. Together and joined by the attending congregation the choirs will fill the air of London chanting Xpictoc Anecti -Christ is risen on May 7th 2016 at the beautiful church of St Panteliemon, Kenton Road, Harrow.

“Anastasis- from darkness to light” is a concert organized by St Kyrel Trust,
a charity that currently sponsors 1000 poor students studying in Egypt to make a successful career and to start themselves sponsoring others.

You are cordially invited to take part in such historical event and to support those deprived students and many others waiting for support, who are keen to make an honorable life.

Please feel free to buy your ticket online or email us on and we will send you a ticket.

We look forward to enjoy celebrating Anastasis 2016 with you.